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falleaf 08-07-2007 06:44 PM

We are looking for a MOD for English forum

- PIC/dsPIC skills
- English writing skill
- Vietnamese or Foreigners are all accepted

Pls contact me for short interviews via email.

Tks & Rgds
Admin Falleaf

vietnamtour 14-02-2011 09:04 AM

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minhtienbk 13-08-2011 12:21 AM

I wanna try but one question:
what's kind of these threads: discussion , tutorial , experience , compare ,... ?

tetsu-jp 02-09-2011 05:45 AM

Some people on the microchip forum abused me for dating threads.
Some on electrotech participated in a Korea thread that I started. And low end chinese electronics PCBs are not popular there (equal to rubbish).

They are made by people less than 18 sometimes to make these PCBs is their only way out. I love to examine these, and to see if it is machine soldering or manually.

So maybe I am not a good moderator.

But, I can use english sufficiently, both reading and writing.
I built many PIC circuits, not from schematics, even if I also examine schematics.

There are not many threads here, but the threads are read, over time.

Is there the situation where daily moderation is required?

I must say I can not read vietnamese except using online translator.
But I am honest, friendly person, easy to wrok with except dating abuse on electronics forums. I am now member of social networks for that purpose!

The best method #1 for bad post: Ignore it completely.
The 2nd method: Simply delete it after some months.

I made experience online forums are not a good place for "discussion".

To limit online forum to Q&A only is artificial limitation like Twitter. It is not required except in the mind of a few people.

I think it is right to write "research" result to a public forum.
Other people can save the time to go through all the stages, when using microcontrollers.

By the way there is big chinese forum for microcontroller. No english category at all. I would like to participate. Chinese is nearly impossible to use for me.

maichi 17-08-2012 04:39 PM

Unfortunately, the new aircraft are reading this topic.

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